It is this time of year again. The January Blues is about to hit us. Time to fire up your Modjo !


These first few days of January can be a little unsettling.

The party is over! No more lie-ins and lazy mornings with the kids, no more long lunches with friends and family, no more presents to open (I am lying on this one as it is my birthday next week!), no more celebrations, no more bubbly (dry January) … and lots of resolutions, credit card bills and goals to attain !!

The January blues is on its way, it’s time to light up your modjo for 2019!!

Before I drive to the South of France from London with my two daughters, in the summer, I always take my car to the garage for a little check-up, polish and TLC. Better be safe than sorry! On the way, we often stop to refuel, sometimes to check the tyre pressure and to have a well deserved stretch. It is a long drive, especially in a Mini packed to the roof with way too many clothes and shoes and teenage music blasting loud!  We have an overnight stop too, usually in the middle of nowhere, for us and for the car also. We just rest and recharge before hitting the road again the next day and eventually reaching our paradise destination in Cannes.

I always think of the first few days of January as an hybrid between “before the drive” - take the car to the garage -  and ‘overnight stay’ - take a rest before the next part of the journey.

These days should be written off, they are a buffer between 2 years, between 2 journeys, sometimes in the same direction and sometimes in opposite directions. Life is surprising like that!


The new year officially starts on the 10th of January and i use these 9 days to heal, to recharge. In other words, I used the to light up my modjo for the next ride !

Here are my top 5 favourite activities:

  1. I take it easy
  2. I celebrate myself
  3. I choose to be grateful
  4. I chose intentions rather than resolutions
  5. I define my pace







For years, I woke up on the 1st of January, not only with a huge hangover but also beating myself up with the obligation to respect my resolutions, most often dragging my sorry self to the gym (pure obligation, zero pleasure), cleaning my house and making a frightening list of goals for the new year.

Now, I take it easy. I have 9 days to pamper myself, heal and recharge. That’s my only goal. I have to work, yes! I have to look after my kids, yes! but apart from that, the focus is on me and on TLC.


Our brain has a negativity bias, it always remembers the negative stuff. It is teflon to positive and velcro to negative. In order to balance things out a little and to start the year on a positive note, I make lists to celebrate myself: a list about my achievements in the past year (even the smallest ones), a list about my strengths and inner resources, a list about my favourites moments, a list about all the things that light my fire (for some of you it might be the places you visited, the new friends you made, the things you tried for the first time) … I find absolutely every excuse to celebrate myself. When you consciously look for reasons to celebrate yourself, I promise you, there are loads !







Gratitude is THE magic ingredient to a happy life. There is tons of scientific research out there showing how being grateful changes the physical structure of your brain and in turn your mindset, and ultimately, your happiness. It also demonstrates that the more grateful you are, the more things there are for you to be grateful. So I choose to be grateful, I choose to open my eyes and all my senses and notice all the beauty and goodness I am surrounded by.


I do not make any resolutions. I hate this word, it has such a negative connotation. I feel the pain just writing it down. So instead i choose intentions (check out my previous blog post). The outcome is the same but the formulation is different, it is gentle, caring and never sets me up for failure and the brain likes that. As long as i try my best and am moving forward, I am succeeding.







Last but not least, like my journey to the South of France, I decide how and when I am going to stop to refuel, to recharge for the next step of the journey. And I am not talking about the twice yearly holiday, I am talking about all these littles breaks in the journey. They can be whole weekends without checking your work emails, they can be a few TLC experiences here and there, a special yoga day, a massage, spending quality time with friends, taking time out to manage your stress, staying in instead of going out …

There you are ! These are my 5 tips to light up my modjo for the coming year.

For me, 2019 is starting now! Happy New Year everyone!

If you feel that the January blues is hitting you now, give yourself a week and practice these 5 steps, I promise it works like magic !

Steph Peltier

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