Creating a happy engaging culture is not just about communicating a top-down set of core values, or offering employees the flexibility to try balance their life. These are definitely necessary to allow a shift towards a culture of growth and happiness but they only constitute parts of the framework on which to build upon.

Happiness then needs to be injected sideways through leadership styles and bottom-up supporting every single employee's mental health, resilience and emotional intelligence.

What we aim for:

By focussing on the happiness and wellbeing of your staff and creating the right set of experiences, you can create a positive workplace culture that is seriously good for business




  fa-check  300%   more innovation

  fa-check  125%   less burnout

  fa-check  66%     fewer sick leaves

   fa-check  51%     less turnover

   fa-check  37%     increase in sales

 fa-check  31%     increase in productivity





How we work

Our offer always starts with a sensing journey to understand your happiness and growth challenges and needs ...

Talent attraction, engagement, turnover, inter-generational issues, conflict management, sickness rates, stress levels, burnout, lack of creativity, insufficient productivity

... and put together a few proposals to match your goals and your budget.





Our toolbox is well-stocked and we can offer tailored solutions from:

  • running talks, workshops, blended learning experiences, training
  • leadership and team coaching
  • designing a happy employee journey from interview to off-boarding
  • creating experiences in the workplace to enhance connections and boost positive emotions
  • organising wellness days and lunchtime lunch&learn ... to a lot of small and playful initiatives.





Happiness is not about throwing a huge amount of money at a couple of events a year to “treat” your employees but more about creating a sense of community, of common purpose, of playfulness at work ...

...and it is actually very often these little initiatives that will strongly impact the happiness and culture of your organisation.

Find out how making Happiness your business model is a smart move!

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