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We combine coaching, mindfulness and science-backed techniques to empower senior executives and teams to access their full potential, especially when under pressure and most importantly to have fun!

1 to 1 coaching

  • Do you feel burnt-out, are you feeling constantly stressed and anxious ?
  • Have you lost touch with your creativity and motivation ?
  • Do you want to lead your teams to success effortlessly ?

Our approach will take you on a journey to become a mindful leader and will help you to :

  • Create mind space to access your creative genius and build a vision for the business.
  • Build the resilience that will allow you to confidently step out of your comfort zone and take bold risks.
  • Develop a leadership presence, that commands attention, trust, authority, respect and that inspires others to make your vision a reality.
  • Fire-up your enthusiasm for life and boost your well-being.

Group coaching

  • Do you need your teams to embrace change ?
  • Would you like to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration ?
  • Do you want to inject fun, especially when under pressure  ?

           We facilitate group discussions, group work and brainstorming sessions to :

  • Solve conflicts mindfully allowing everyone to find their own space within teams.
  • Ignite creativity by finding flow working together.
  • Surf the wave of change with enthusiasm and optimism.
  • Foster collaboration and strong team spirit.
  • Build meaningful relationships based on trust, respect and compassion.
  • Build emotionally intelligent teams.

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