The Power of Gratitude...and its close sibling, appreciation. Their benefits have been extensively studied by science over the past two decades. While they are both just starting to infiltrate the workplace, science is confirming the amazing benefits for employees as individuals as well as for organisations:

  • more positive emotions
  • less stress and fewer health complaints
  • a greater sense that we can achieve our goals
  • fewer sick days
  • high satisfaction with our jobs
  • higher satisfaction with our coworkers
  • more cooperation and less conflicts


While expressing thanks to colleagues might feel a bit awkward, we, at the Happiness Society, help organisations develop a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Get in touch !

Studies also show that grateful employees (as well as employees who receive more gratitude) are more engaged and concerned about their social responsibility at work. They are more likely to perform "kind" acts that are not part of their job description like welcoming a new joiner, covering for or helping out colleagues.

Appreciation is the act of acknowledging the goodness in life, in other words the positive events, experiences and people in our lives. Gratitude goes a step further by actually acknowledging that this goodness is very often due to forces around us, especially efforts from other people.

In fact, gratitude and kindness seem to form a positive loop in the workplace. Just as gratitude leads to more cooperative and altruistic behaviour, research suggests that the opportunity to help others is a major source of gratitude at work.

Yours gratefully

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