Valentine’s day, how exciting to celebrate love ! We all crave for love but in order to open ourselves to love, in order to allow someone to love us, we need to start by loving ourselves. Easier said than done ? Not at all ! Start with the 3 tips below to make the most of this day :

Cut yourself some slack

perfection, imperfection, acceptance

You are not perfect, i am not perfect, nobody is perfect. Plus, perfection is boring !

If you hear that little voice today that takes you down because you didn’t go to the gym, you indulged with too much ice cream, you could have done better with your presentation to the board... STOP ! This is a trick of your brain, a primal survival mechanism, the negativity bias of the brain, it naturally always picks up the negative in a situation.

This is not you ! STOP! Speak back to it, say “Thank you but f*** off, today i am choosing to love myself”

Take a minute to reflect on your qualities

There might not be that special person in your life right now (their loss!) or there might be (lucky you). In any case, you are amazing !

Make a list of your top 5 qualities and of all the great things you did in the past 5 days. Think about everything and anything. It could have been that you helped your neighbour carry her suitcase to her car, you complimented the girl at the till in your coffee shop, you helped a colleague with a sensitive topic at work, you cooked a delicious meal for your kids, you nailed a deal at work …

See, i was right, you ARE amazing !


Give yourself love. Have fun.

Tonight, whether in duo or in solo, get out of your routine, do something special. Theater, massage, concert, dinner, candle lit bath, poker game with friends … anything as long it is special and gives you pleasure.

Happy Valentine’s day !

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