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Happiness is a skill you can cultivate and grow

It really is! And regardless of the circumstances of your life, you can rewire you brain to start enjoying the ride.

Happiness is not about feeling on top of the world all the time (it would become the new normality and quickly become boring). Happiness is your ability to identify the magic in life (the little moments as well as the big ones), to be able to enjoy them and most importantly to bounce back FAST from difficulties.

The magic happens when you are in that place of enjoyment because you feel confident, optimistic, ready to take risks. That's when your authentic self emerges, when you start dusting your moulded dreams or discovering new ones. That's when you start taking actions everyday to create YOUR life.

Happiness is about YOU becoming


  • Have you lost your "modjo" and enthusiasm for life ?
  • Are you feeling constantly stressed, nervous and anxious?
  • Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of life ?
  • Do you want to make changes in your life but are not sure where to begin? 

Now is the time to embark on a wonderful journey to

  • Fire-up your enthusiasm for life and boost your well-being
  • Learn how to manage stress efficiently and build resilience 
  • Live a calmer, more fulfilled life
  • Build up the self-confidence to create the life that you want
  • Become happier, healthier and more successful !


Take a look at what my clients say ...

In 3 months, we will embark on a journey to : 

  • Half your STRESS
  • Double your CONFIDENCE
  • Triple your HAPPINESS

You will learn life skills and hardwire them into your brain so that the benefits are real and sustainable long term.

"When I first started my coaching journey with Steph I was facing a really tough time at work. I was incredibly stressed, my mind was frantic, I was constantly overwhelmed and felt stuck!

Within the first month of coaching, my stress levels decreased by half, I felt much happier, more in control of my life. I truly started feeling optimistic and excited about the future"

Sophie - Paris

"With Steph's help and support, I have dedicated real time into defining and implementing my goals, rather than just allowing life to rush past me.
I know that through coaching I have learnt so much more about myself, I have grown as a person and I have gained a huge amount of confidence that I would never have thought possible without her amazing guidance. "

Natalie - London

"Steph's coaching made a world of difference to my outlook on life and general well-being. I feel stronger, calmer, more confident.
The benefits haven't just been noticed by me, but my colleagues, friends and family have also noticed a huge shift in my happiness. "
Lisa - London

"I always thought I was a people pleaser and knew I focused too many of my worries on what people thought of me and how I was perceived.
With coaching, Steph has shown me how to break this cycle whilst still being true to myself as well as how to manage my inner critic which has massively boosted my confidence and self belief."
Jo - Cardiff



First, we need to get on a call to get to know each other and to assess if we are a good match to work together.

You should only work with a coach you feel comfortable with, someone who has a practical approach and track record to help create happy and successful lives and most importantly someone who actually walks the talk! You should feel excited about going on this adventure with your coach.

And it is equally important for me to feel excited about the clients I work with, so I can be a little picky! This match is the first magical ingredient of a successful coaching partnership.

Because, yes, this is a partnership! We are going to work together in session. I will help you with clarity, confidence, mindset, I will give you strategies and techniques but ultimately you are the one who will be taking actions every day to move closer to your dreams

This call is also a great opportunity for you to get some clarity on where you are at, what challenges you are currently facing, where you want to be in the coming 3-9 months. 

So, if you are now ready to step into the driver's seat and to start an exciting transformation, click this link to my calendar and book yourself a complimentary Discovery Call.

I am looking forward to speaking with you

With love,



At The Happiness Society, we do not do any "Flower Power", we only work with tools backed by scientific evidence and we get you results FAST. 


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Our goal is certainly not to feed you a fish per session, but to teach you techniques that will allow you to fly with your own wings for the rest of your life. We do DIRECTED NEUROPLASTICITY or what we call BRAIN FITNESS.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brain to rewire itself through repetitive behaviours and activities. We will accompany you over a period of time to make sure that the rewiring process is taking place so that these learnt tools, techniques and behaviours become natural and automatic.

We will rewire your brain to :

  • enjoy the rollercoaster of life : making the most of positive experiences and bouncing back quickly from difficulties
  • build resilience to stress : staying calm under any circumstances
  • cultivate optimism and hope to be able to take your life to the next step
  • get rid of fear : taking measured risks to move forward with confidence
  • boost self-confidence and creativity
  • build emotional intelligence : dealing with conflicts with serenity and building meaningful relationships

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