Managing reactions is a key competence of stress management and mindfulness. Stress  (emotional threats, tiredness, anxiety, upsets...) make us react in an instantaneous and unconscious manner, and most of the time in an aggressive or defensive way. The words have come out of our mouth before we actually had time to think them through. Use this easy technique to choose a more creative path in the way you are, a path which proudly reflect who you are.


How we live is what makes our reality. The way we treat people is an invitation to be treated in the same way. Every single one of our actions is teaching someone how to treat us.

Do not let negative emotions dictate who you are. When trapped by negative emotions, all you can expect is tension, stress, missed opportunities and anger in return. I am not saying you have to suppress your negative emotions, quite the contrary in fact. Be aware of their existence, be present to them but choose not to let them dictate who you are. You are so much more than anger, sorrow, frustration ...

Smiles invite smiles, a serene attitude will open up the fields of possibilities. We are all responsible for our own actions. So, STOP . BREATHE . CHOOSE

STOP. Be present in your life, pay attention to what is going on in your body and in your emotional landscape and when you feel stress building up, when you are having a difficult conversation at work or at play, when you are tired and irritable : STOP.

BREATHE. Take a few moments to breathe, just a few conscious long deep breaths. 3 minutes is the time needed to trigger your Parasympathetic Nervous System, to induce a relaxation response in your body and to get access back to your cognitive functions, to think straight. In the heat of the moment, this is not always possible, so go for 3 long deep breaths, and ...

CHOOSE. Now you are ready to consciously offer a response. You are not reacting unconsciously, you are now in charge of the way you are going to act. And choose wisely, remember, smiles invite smiles.

Click here for a 3 minutes breathing exercise

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