When the winds of change blow, build windmills instead of walls ...

Angie Starn, Founder @ The Runyon Project

"You can't help but have fun and feel alive with Steph. Her vibrancy and positive attitudes are infectious. Her authenticity is powerful. Geeking out on all the science that backs up her work, she is incredibly passionate and knowledgable about bringing more happiness into the world. Every time I'm with her I learn something new, have a good laugh, touch on some truths, explore the profound and feel my best self coming through. She is the person you want at all your parties, to go to in times of need, and to inspire your best life."

Sarah Drai, Founder @ Yogi2Me
"'The Happiness Guru’ Steph really is your go to guru when it comes to Happiness and Success.
Steph works in a way which allows you to understand clearly the science behind happiness, whilst explaining and demonstrating in a fun, light, and engaging way. It is through experience that we learn, and Steph introduces simple techniques to practise allowing you to not only understand how it works, but to first hand experience the results for yourself. It is a real privilege to work with Steph." 

Antoine Melon, COO @ Highlands Hospitality

"I recently attended a Stress Detox workshop at Soho House and did not really know what to expect. I came out having gained amazing knowledge about the science behind Happiness and the simple ways in life to reduce stress, inertia and to build a happy life... If you are interested in Mindfulness, Happiness therapy or Stress Management then contact Steph right away, she will transform your life."  

Christina Marty, Founder @ Christiana Couture

"Steph is truly inspiring! She has such an honest approach, full of interesting facts and doable tips on how to really embrace happiness and be mindful of how it can be a part of your every moment, without making it sound like a load of flower power mumbo jumbo! It's such a pleasure to work with her. I am now feeling thoroughly positive and empowered. Really looking forward to a next session! 

Kirsten Fenton, Co-founder @ PopScreen

There are few people so genuinely committed to sending LOVE and LAUGHTER into the world. Steph's strength and passion are relentless. I feel privileged l to have Steph in my life and I am constantly in awe of her beautiful spirit! 

Karen Flavard-Jones, General Manager @ L'Oréal 

"Steph, I wanted to say a big thank you for such great and inspiring sessions. I’ve been on my mindfulness journey for almost 4 years and it was great to remind myself why it’s so vital in our lives. You are so engaging, authentic and bring so much value. Thank you."

Renaud Million, Co-founder & CEO @ Spixii

"Our team at Spixii recently had a Stress Detox session and it was not only mind opening but also very insightful and pragmatical. Steph is very professional in her approach and knows how to read the room to align the team with the valuable learnings. I really recommend Steph and her Stress Detox session for business owners and managers wanting to take care of their team." 

Jem Peck, Headmaster @ Kew Green Prep School

“Steph, thank you for your time, expertise and insight into your analysis of happiness at Kew Green. You were amazingly positive, encouraging and insightful and directly identified some areas that we could improve. More impressive was how you identified several sticking points in the way people work and the way people feel about their work environment. You have an extraordinary ability to seek the truth in people and to interpret what they have said into how it affects their working lives. I look forward to working with you again very soon. Thank you.”

Christine Renier, Managing Director & co-founder @ No&More

"Steph : thanks for your active involvement in escorting the reveal of our new brand identity to a wide & diverse audience: beyond the learning and the enjoyment, you managed to make it a strategic step into the building of our brand positioning - it helped each team member - enthusiast or cynical - to naturally and factually adhere to our messaging. Well done & thank you. The mindful tasting was excellent and we hope this is only the start of a wonderful journey."