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We run fun engaging workshops on a variety of topics. Each session includes science-based facts and practical demonstrations and are tailored to your specific needs and current challenges: from a couple of hours to half-day workshops as part of your staff training, or a lunchtime workshop as part of a general wellbeing initiative in the office


Mindfulness Taster

Discover the basics of mindfulness and how to start bringing serenity and calm to your busy life


Science of Happiness Taster

Learn about the neurobiology of Happiness and how to have fun on the rollercoaster of life


Work Life Balance

Build your own work-life efficiency model to feel calmer and more fulfilled

Stress Detox

Inject fun and easy techniques in your daily life to combat stress and build resilience

Mental Toughness

Rewire your mind to manage your emotions and learn to respond creatively rather than react

The Dream Team

Find flow together by mastering the art of cooperation, goal setting, reconciliation and praise

And more...Dealing with Change, The Power of Effective Goal Setting, Rewiring Your Mind for Success...



We also run full programs based on mindfulness and the science of happiness. While the workshops are a first step into a positive life change and contribute to wellbeing at work, the programs constitute a real transformative experience.

They too are fun, engaging, informative but totally life changing.

Each program runs for 6 weeks and consists of 90-minute group sessions per week. With homework, all the participants have the opportunity to apply the learnings of each session in their daily life and to fully embrace the benefits.

 6 Week Program: Stress Detox with Mindfulness

  • Building resilience
  • Improving management of emotions and reactions
  • Igniting creativity
  • Cultivating a strong sense of well-being
  • Feeling energised
  • Boosting immune functions, sleep patterns and general health

6 Week Program: Get Hard-Wired for Happiness

    • Understanding of Happiness myths vs reality
    • Connecting to yourself and your life in a meaningful way
    • Building your meaningful and happy life through
      • Letting go of toxic behaviours that hold your happiness back
      • Creating habits that are scientifically-proven to bring happiness
      • Embracing Change
      • Approaching challenges in a more positive, proactive and resilient mind-sent

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